Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Ms. Marvel pied

Ms. Marvel is not best pleased at seeing a pop-up model of her being pied...

It doesn't get any better for her when she then finds herself on the receiving of the aforementioned pie...

"Mmmm, boysenberry. For once he hit me with a pie I like."

Ms. Marvel gets a pie in the face from season 2 episode 22 of the Super Hero Squad "Missing: Impossible!" (2011)


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  2. Interesting your blog.
    Have you seen my blog with comics with pie in the face and wet clothes?

    Enter in the index and get access to all the stories.
    Then write in the comments what you think.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi Rogerio,

    Thank you for your comment and interest, I hope you liked what you saw.

    I've had a look at your blog too. You have some good storyline with your comic strip. And the graphics is good too. I prefer the ones where the females get messy, but good job on your site overall.

    Thank you.

    Comic Book WAM